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I had all of that history in the back of my head when I was playing the character, obviously, but I didn’t want it to sidetrack me or derail me.

I also didn’t want to use that or let that inform me too much because then you’re playing the ending of the film.

It was definitely a draw for me in choosing to do this movie,” Diaz says.

Ahead of the premiere of “The Dating Game Killer,” Diaz talks with about embodying the man and the monster, as well as if he feels justice was served with Alcala’s eventual sentence.

She’s playing a real person, and does she know what he does to her? The actors’ parents were there if they were underage, but it was really hard.For fun, watch the Dating Game footage and substitute all of Alcala's sexual innuendos with murder innuendos. Díaz stars in ID’s , a fictionalized retelling of the Texas-born murderer, who killed at least seven women and one girl in California and New York through much of the 1970s.There is so much information available about Rodney Alcala and his crimes today.How daunting is that when you’re trying to find your own version of the character? After I found out I got the role, I Googled him and read up on him all night, and it became absolutely daunting, and I started to feel physically ill.

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