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The news site also shared a photo of the two stars together.

SEE ALSO: K-Pop's One Hit Wonders However, Joo Jin Mo's label Fantagio Entertainment soon responded with denial as they stated, "The reports on Joo Jin Mo and Zhang Li are not true.

After some films he had been cast in were cancelled due to lack of financing, Joo did the 2003 boxing drama Punch with Shin Min-ah, then returned to the big screen in 2004, in the comedy Liar based on the play Run for Your Wife by Ray Cooney.

A Frozen Flower, Yoo Ha's controversial 2008 film which revolved around the love triangle between a homosexual Goryeo king (Joo), his queen (Song Ji-hyo), and the royal guard (Jo In-sung) they're both in love with, He said he is still waiting for a new role, a complete departure from the brooding masculinity he has come to be equated with.

If you’re unsure of a potential mate, group dating is gaining popularity as a safe alternative to single dating, especially blind dating. Plan for a group of eligible men and women to meet for happy hour and find out what happens.

Spending time with multiple potential dates improves your odds of finding Miss Right. Bring your real friends — those you can trust to help you make a yay or nay decision. After choosing the participants for a group date, it’s time to choose the activity.

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Although the film itself did not perform well, it gave Joo some publicity before he broke through with the box-office and critical hit Happy End.A gokon is when two groups of eligible men and women meet at a public place to get to know each other better.Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of group dating, whether it’s Japan, America or anywhere else in the world.So why would we make dating even more difficult by adding others to the mix?For some, it’s a safety blanket to have friends around.

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