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It also provides local health, employment, weather, and women’s rights resources.‘s app is launching in Zambia before coming to other developing countries eventually, and is a partnership with local carrier Airtel who provides the free access in hopes that Zambians see the web’s value and buy pre-paid data through the app to explore the rest of the Internet.

I have described n Factor in detail including it’s capability across the following posts: The following guide describes setting up a one-time password portal where users enrol their mobile devices and manage their enrolled devices going forward. Under Authentication Virtual Server select the AAA v Server you just created. Edit your Net Scaler Gateway virtual server and under Authentication Profile choose the profile you just created.

Net Scaler Gateway will also be used to protect Xen Desktop resources by challenging users for their LDAP credentials and a one-time password. No basic authentication policies should be attached to the Net Scaler Gateway v Server. Next we will create a required advanced Authentication Actions/Profiles, Policies, Login Schemas and Policy Labels. The first LDAP server action will be for standard LDAP authentication.

Facebook has been offering free access to a stripped down version of its service under the name Facebook Zero since 2010 when it launched with 50 operators in countries around the world.

To promote the app in Zambia there will be call-outs in the Facebook app, an awareness campaign, and notifications to Airtel subscribers.The 4.25 billion people who aren’t on the Internet but could be because traditional cellular connections are available fall into two buckets, says Rosen.Those who want the Internet but can’t afford it because data plans are too expensive. Rosen tells me “a lot of people don’t know what the Internet is.Discussing a Filipino Network Globe when he said “what we’re seeing in Globe users is the number of people who are using the internet — the data — was doubled, and Globe subscribers have grown by 25%, so it’s a home run.” Zuckerberg wrote today that “We believe that every person should have access to free basic internet services – tools for health, education, jobs and basic communication.” That’s powerful stance that could do a lot of good.Still, it is a little scary that Facebook and could decide what qualifies as a basic Internet service that should be offered free and what doesn’t. Facebook’s worldwide appeal makes it a valuable ally to carriers who need flagship services to point to for why people should want the Internet. If the app is a success in Zambia, you can expect will roll it out in other carriers and countries in Africa, Asia, and South America where the same data affordability problem persists.

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