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This signals the groom's commitment to clothe and protect his wife.The wedding ceremony takes place under the chuppah (canopy), a symbol of the home that the new couple will build together.Here you can chat with attractive girls and guys from all over Europe.This is an online chat room without registration so monitoring is done to make the site safe and to respect the culture of people from European countries.

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This is called "Kabbalat Panim." Jewish tradition likens the couple to a queen and king.

This is a free European chat room with video and voice.

Welcome to a continent with over 700 million people and still counting.

If the kallah also wants to give a ring to the chatan, this is only done afterwards, not under the chuppah.

This is to prevent confusion as to what constitutes the actual marriage, as prescribed by the Torah.[At this point, the Sefardic custom is that the chatan says the blessing She'hecheyanu over a new tallit, and has in mind that the blessing also goes on the marriage.

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