Dating purpose dr jack schaap

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“You told me that I was sent to you from God; I was his gift to you.” 2) Schaap’s claim that Christ wanted the two to be together.The two spoke on the phone or texted each other more than 600 times, according to prosecutors.The word "unto" does not denote "entrance." That would be "into." Here is another quote from the book: "When a person takes the bread during the Lords Supper, he is not actually eating Christs body.That person is saying, This element represents something. This Wednesday, we will hear the sentencing of disgraced pastor Jack Schaap, who has pleaded guilty to having sex with an underage girl who attended his church.

One, for his trips to an Illinois forest preserve, was that he needed to “spend time with God walking and praying.” To explain his taking the girl alone to his Michigan cabin, he told his assistant that he needed to spend extended periods of time alone with the girl to “save” her—both literally and spirtually.

How twisted is it to take an element that represents the BROKEN body of Jesus Christ on the cross and make it represent something sexual.

This is the same as a similar quote by Madonna in the 1980's that was decried by preachers everywhere.

Here is a quotation from his book: "Psalm 1 says, I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgments have I laid before me.

That word laid is a sexual term which literally means the same thing as a man laying with a woman.

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