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Guests staying in suites also enjoy extra pampering provided by our team of professional butlers.

The gourmet (non-kosher) meals served onboard are prepared with the finest local ingredients.

We also offer a generous choice of complimentary beverages, including fine wines curated by our expert sommeliers.

The readers of SAVEUR named us "Best Culinary Cruise Line," and our Culinary Director Gerard van Helvoot was recently inducted into the prestigious Chaîne des Rôtisseurs culinary guild.

Our distinctively different programme—the only Jewish Heritage itinerary on the Rhine River—showcases Jewish communities and the many positive developments that can be seen throughout Germany today.

While visits to Jewish cemeteries, memorials and WWII camps are an important part of this journey, our aim is to tell the whole story—the story of how the Jewish people thrived for centuries in Germany and are flourishing there once again.

In the city that hosted the famous Nuremberg Trials, you’ll visit Courtroom 600, the history-making venue where a “crime against humanity” was legally defined for the first time.Your intimate ship also makes it easy to meet other guests and allows our staff to devote more personal attention to you.Attend lectures by local experts on “The History of the Jews in Europe” and “Jewish Intellectuals, Writers & Musicians,” programs developed to deepen your understanding of the remarkable Jewish legacy found throughout the Continent.The city does not have a traditional Jewish district, but your tour will include stops at the Great Synagogue, which dates to 1868, and the Jewish Museum, as well as a look at Les Trois Rois.Basel welcomed a new synagogue in 2012—the first to be built since 1929—which stands at the heart of a resurgent Jewish community.

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