Battlefield bad company 2 website stats not updating

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(End conversation.) -- Amount of followers you can have accompany you has been raised to 15 (not including dogs or quest NPCs).

Price: 1000 gold-- -- Also you can get training in horse handling. Price: 500 gold [As of 1.2g works on players horse too.]UFO horses with no Horse Tackle will go back to location you found them once dismounted.

Talk to Tina the Firefly on river island by Riverwood. Unless stated otherwise download updated files, extract them to data folder and when prompted replace the old ones in there.

Clicking her three times will restore default follower outfits. Check in ORIGINAL GAME LAUNCHER that UFO is still lowest in load order(or where you had it before updating). Extra: Updating Directly from versions 1.0(a - f) to version 1.0g and higher using Full UNINSTALL (otherwise the above extract,replace,play should be used) :1) Dismiss followers, talk to TIna till you get msg to remove UFO.

But as it grew it became very extensive and finally, with the addition of more followers at once, i decided to make it into its own complete mod to overhaul followers.

Reported by users, follower changing, fully compatible mods for now: Followers can Relax Follower Trap Safety Spouse can live everywhere Move it Mods that are compatible, but must be placed BELOW UFO in load order: All Follower Appearance mods Specialized followers Essential Followers Better Followers (do not use and delete C01Quest from data/scripts folder)NPC Editor created mods And similar..

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